GTA 5 mods

Mods or modding is a trending action in the GTA series and is nothing but user modifications which are not official. These modifications have the ability to alter the game play, the logic behind it and make the gaming experience quite different. The mods could be anything like changing the model of the player from a character to that of a pigeon or spawning lifeless zombies all over the map of the game. There is no definitive information on who creates these mods and they are generally available in the form of downloadable files online.

GTA 5 mods

Communities for modding

The fan communities for the GTA series have enabled the growth of modders among its communities, each one outdoing the other. There were opportunities made through these communities  for exchanging knowledge, information and there were able to come up with new tools and modifications. Apart from Youtube, there are communities like GTANet, GTAinside, The GTA Place and GTA V mods which have become the hosting place for the modders.

GTA V mods

Unlike the previous versions of the GTA series, in order for modders to create the mods, the tools have to be completely made from scratch. The OpenIV is most prominent of the tools which helped in the manipulation of database for GTA V games. The most difficulty every modder faced was keeping up with the changing upgrades to the actual game by Rockstar, the game publisher.

Given that the online version of the GTA V, the GTA online was built as part of the actual game itself, the mods created started affecting the experience of the player. One of the downside though is that these mods might slip in some affecting malware or virus to your system even though they are scanned by the modding communities every time.

GTA 5 mods, have definitely made gaming very different!

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